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Beechgrove (Sandridge) Management Ltd is the management company that looks after the estate known as St Leonards Court which is situated between House Lane and Church End, Sandridge, St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Brief History of Beechgrove (Sandridge) Management Ltd.

St. Leonards Court is a development of 66 one-bedroom houses and flats built by Crest Homes in 1987. The Company was formed to manage the development and subsequently acquired the freehold of the development from Crest Homes, so that the Company is now both the Lessors of the development and the Management Company.

The Company is responsible for the management of the development and recovers the costs from lessees via a service charge. Unlike commercial management companies Beechgrove is run by lessees on a voluntary basis and does not exist to make a profit, therefore able to keep the service charge low.

The major expenditure is the decoration of the property exterior, the maintenance of the infrastructure being the next highest expenditure. The Company is also responsible for insuring the development structures. Other expenses incurred are the upkeep of the gardens, electricity, legal and auditing fees and management expenses.

General Points for Lease holders

Summary of Leaseholder & Resident Responsibilities

  • Service fees are currently £600 per annum payable 1st of each month by standing order.
  • Your service fee includes building insurance, external decoration and repairs, maintenance of communal spaces.
  • Your service fee does not include contents insurance, internal repair or decoration, internal plumbing and electrical services or appliances, rubbish clearance, loft insulation.
  • You may, if you wish, replace windows or the front door provided that you replace like with like in terms of colour. Front doors should be black or brown in colour.
  • You must seek permission from Beechgrove if you wish to make a change that requires compliance with building regulations e.g., install new mains pressure hot water system, replace consumer unit.
  • Satellite dishes – Please consider the use of Sky Streaming services which allows Sky TV to be streamed through the internet and does not require a dish. If you do need a dish, we ask that these are installed ideally at the roof line but always to make as small as possible visual impact.
  • The Estate was designed with limited car parking space, 1 car per address can be parked on site. Please park motorcycles / scooters in designated areas.
  • All gardens and open spaces are communal land, not your private garden or courtyard. These spaces should not be obstructed in any way that might prevent free access by other leaseholders or the gardeners.
  • Do not permit your dog to foul the estate.

Rubbish disposal

  • General/landfill domestic rubbish in the plastic bags provided by the Council (SADC).
  • Recyclable items in the SADC recycling boxes.
  • Kitchen waste in the caddies provided by the SADC.
  • Put Bags and boxes out for collection on the appropriate day.
  • Leaseholders of properties with shared bin stores (door numbers 3-6; 7-10; 21-24; 37-40; 47-50; 51-54; 55-58): Should Beechgrove have to clear these stores due to dumping, then the cost of doing so will be split between the leaseholders sharing that particular store. These stores are for rubbish awaiting collection by SADC, not a general store for bicycles and other paraphernalia.


Each property has a cupboard for storage of a bin, where accumulated refuse should be stored through out the week until Tuesday. The plastic bags should then be removed and placed outside for collection by the refuse collectors. Flats being the exception, they have communal cupboards for storage of refuse, which should be kept tidy, at all times. Please show consideration to other users of these cupboards. St. Albans District Council Domestic Refuse Services is contracted to collect two bags of refuse per household. At times when a household generates more than two bags of refuse it is the responsibility of the household to dispose of the extra rubbish. Doorstep recycling collection has recently been introduced, each property having three boxes for tins and plastics, paper and glass. General refuse is collected weekly on Tuesdays and the recycling collections are on alternate Tuesdays. Bags and boxes need to be placed outside by 7am.

Refuse sites can be found here  St Albans Refuse sites

Parking on the Estate

St. Leonards Court has parking spaces marked by slightly darker tiles. These are for daily use by residents, please observe these markings by parking your car correctly so that your vehicle is positioned in the middle of each partition, therefore aiding the maximum available spaces at peak times. There are also spaces that are not marked where vehicles can be parked, but please always consider when parking in these positions whether your action will cause obstruction or inconvenience to others.

All vehicles parked on the estate must be insured, taxed and hold an appropriate MOT certificate.

Please park considerately

Buildings Insurance

As mentioned earlier, a portion of the monthly service charge is use to insure the buildings against structural damage. Due to the way St. Leonards Court was built, Beechgrove as a company is responsible for insuring the building structures as a whole and individual owners should not take out building insurance on the property. Please note the building insurance policy held by Beechgrove does not cover contents, owners are responsible for acquiring their own contents insurance cover.

Important Note

As stated in the lease agreement lease holders are not to modify the structure of the property inside or out without obtaining permission of Beechgrove.

Notice to lessees renting their property

If you rent your home on the estate, please contact your landlord or letting agent in the first instance.

Beechgrove (Sandridge) Management Ltd is a non-profit making company set up to manage the upkeep of St. Leonards Court. To keep the costs to a minimum all correspondences will be sent to your email address we have on record. If we have no email address for you, we will deliver all mail to your address on St Leonards Court. It will be up to your Tenant to forward mail on to you. Beechgrove will not be responsible if your Tenant fails to do this.

Registered Office

Beechgrove (Sandridge) Management Ltd;

3 St Leonards Court
St Albans

Our solicitors

Tom Caterer | Taylor Walton LLP Partner | Residential Conveyancing Department

Taylor Walton LLP
Thornycroft House
107 Holywell Hill
St Albans
Hertfordshire AL1 1HQ
Telephone 01727 845245;
Fax 01727 864970;

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Bromate in Groundwater in the Hatfield/Sandridge area

We know that many of you are aware of contaminated land and groundwater issues
at St Leonard’s Court. We have written this letter to explain the history behind these
issues for any new


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